Cool people at work!

The retard twinge in the bottom of the stomach. Ring a bell? The moment when your ovaries wanna take revenge for not getting pregnant? Right, ladies it’s the monthly cycle that I am talking about here. It is a major event every month. Phew! I mean much to remind us of our existence. Periods are so tricky. It’s a battlefield in your body when you get it. It plays with your mind like a fuckboy. You are confused between the feeling to puke or poop. And to top all of it, the cramp comes like the slayer of your workplace charm.

For us working ladies, I mean honestly, I feel universe proud for handling this routine fury and juggle office drama with so much of panache. It was one of those days in my life when this murder scene happened and I was at work. I had a heavy flow and the pain was excruciating. As a trainer, we usually have to use the classroom space a lot to make the session effective. With the modern ways of training and teaching, sitting down and pointing at the presentation and explaining things seem very archaic. So ya, it was the 2nd day and I signed in at work as usual. I did not feel any cramp till then. I started with my session and everything was going well. My happy hormones were at peace. But obviously, the Sparta state of my uterus had to find ways to disrupt that harmony. The pain was suddenly all over my lower part of the body. Even toe muscles felt that bad contractions. It sucks if it’s so sudden and especially the class was quite interesting. Well it was almost lunch time and I thought may be the cramp was because I was starving. I tried to deal with the stupid spasms and ate my lunch. It did not work. I took pain killers and waited the remaining break time to see if the pain will be gone. Holy McGonagall! How I wished I knew some kinda magic spell to stop the cramps. It was almost time for the next session and I realized it was here to stay for I don’t know how long.IMG-20180221-WA0019

My previous jobs were very hardcore operational and it did not matter if the bleed and cramp to death. There was never any alternative option or a person who could take over my part of the job so that I could rest. If the pain screamed “die bitch” I had to call in sick and my work will be carried forward to the next day. But working as a teacher trainer, I could not do so. Every session was on schedule and the pending lessons could not be carried forward to the next day. It just made me so angry. But what I experienced then brought me enough job satisfaction.

You see when we talk about job satisfaction, we only talk about how good the work pays or how the name of the organization is an upgrade for our job experience and so on. What we miss out on spotting is that the people we work with matters a lot. Hella lot! And I felt I should dedicate tonight’s blog to them. I have this lovely set of trainers that I share my work space with. With that pain and that occasional feeling to throw up I was not able to move around, let alone resuming the class. They gave me this princess treatment by getting me a hot water bag, deciding for me and talk to the HR for a period leave and taking over the remaining session for the day. It touched me like literally in a huge way! I mean this was like a big act of kindness and colleague relationship that I experienced. Sometimes the best place to work is not the organization and its cool rules but also the cool people you work with. Thank you ladies for being this awesome! It meant a heaven lot!

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