You got this!

As I write this, I wondered about what I should write. Believe me or not, it took me an hour to figure out what would I write. I wrote and I backspace-ed. I wrote an entire paragraph only to find no meaning and I backspace-ed again. I just had this blogger’s block that took over my Solar Plexus. Then it somehow made me think about life in general like ya, this is exactly what happen to us every other day. Like we are stuck with a problem and then we are not able to find a solution for it. Even the simplest of problems we face every day, we tend to look for shortcuts to solve a problem. We are too impatient to understand and give special attention to our individual way of doing things. Like, when I could not find a topic to write, I Googled (here goes another millennial word!) for topics. It was a shortcut. Of course! I browsed around looking for something that seemed catchy to me. Now 1st of all, if the ideas are out there, that means it’s a sellout already. My blog will be just another spin off kinda page out there on the internet. 2nd of all, I was looking for things which seemed interesting to me. Or maybe something that triggers my experiences. Something relatable. So why should I even refer to already known topics? It is like reading the same book over and over when you know how the story ends. If I really want a new one, then write one. That’s when it kinda hit me like this is what we do every single time we are in kind of a trouble. Whenever we are struggling to do things right. Be it big things like managing money or even sillier issues like what kind of haircut will suit you. Do we agree?

I feel it all starts with the fact that we don’t really admire our capabilities. The endless possibilities we can create for ourselves if you just think hard. Really hard. Push yourself to know what we are exactly looking for. We make it a multiple choice question paper for ourselves when the truth is it’s a one-word answer! I know as easy it seem to say, it’s even harder to turn thoughts into reality. But think of it this way. Everything that we see around us, our homes, jobs, marriages, kids, exotic holidays and so on were once thoughts too. Very major, big thoughts. If you can have patience and open your possibility pool in your mind to make all these happen, then what goes wrong when we have to deal with smaller issues like why my partner is not answering my calls? He/she might be busy…..may be sleeping….may be in the bathroom? Why jump into a conclusion that things are really hopeless and you are not able to think of ways to handle it. Like seriously? You need to calm down! Let your mind do the talking to you. Inhala. Exhala.

It might feel very cliché- ed but everyone of us set an example unknowingly. We all have people around us who wish to be like each one of us. You might be regretting the fact that your cheeks are chubby or you have thick eyebrows. But the reality is there will be always people who will admire things in you which you so not like. If you think you are failing at life or you are not able to look for answers to your problems think that it’s just another day when you need to relax and do not let your emotions take control of your thoughts. That will be the only block on your way to find a solution. If you are patient you will be consistent. If you are consistent you will not lose your composure to find the end result. If you do not tend to find the end that means your mind is hopeful. You are letting yourself think. You will find a solution to every freaking thing in the Universe. This applies to perhaps everywhere we feel stuck. The more you let yourself think positively, the more you will find yourself anticipating problems and that is very important people. To forecast the odds if you want to get somewhere or do something.

We often meet people who are always so perfect in everything they do. They live perfect lives. Some of us get inspired. Some of us get jealous. What we fail to know is how everything can be so perfect with those few people all the time. People, let me tell you they are in control of their emotions. Yes, that’s the key to find stability in thoughts and possibilities opening up for us. People who are in control of their emotions, their thoughts are never cluttered or they never over think. Over thinking only narrows our abilities to find solutions to our problems. If you want to be a writer, what are you doing about it? Why are you not writing? Because you have a job, so you hardly get time? Wow! Because you think you will write only to be a best-selling author? Wow-er! Like do you even know that it takes how much consistency and push to make such a thought turn into a reality. Honey, like seriously, grab a pen and notebook or your computer and start writing. Even a sentence will do. That’s your thought right there. Taking you closer to the answer. To the reality. If your individual thoughts are not recognized by yourself, no one will. If you are not patient enough to not draw conclusions, then issues will never be solved. You will not have a good sleep. You will not be happy.

Understand to not let your emotions get in the way of your thoughts. It might happen that your thoughts are quite general or regular but those belong to you. You own them. Its 100% authentic of your mind. Trust the process and your gut! It will find you a way to get what you want. In the course, who knows you might find new opportunities and new openings and you get to see another side of your endless potentials. Just like I was all confused in the beginning of the blog and now I even have another idea to write for my next blog. You got all you need. It is all in your head. You got this!

Published by cupcakes&miracles

I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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