Be your own Dr. Fix It!

You know those moments when you are stuck in mutual appreciation? Especially at work? Now that is something I feel is very rare! I mean c’mon we all know and can never deny that office drama is a different genre altogether. Someday people just cannot stop behaving like 16 year old high school besties. The very next day they snap at each other. Someday grabbing a coffee together is more like a life saving act. The other day you do not even care to greet each other in the morning. So finding that perfect balance between work pressure and work relationship is really valuable. Is it hard? Impossible? Difficult? Totally not! It’s a piece of cake if you keep an open mind that always keeps the options flowing in the head.

Empathy! As difficult it may seem but building a habit of putting yourself in someone else’s spot help you fix your own problem. Every profession needs a special and definite set of skills that one need to be ace. It always demands situation handling capabilities. But one thing that no one talks about is how one can practice anticipation. This solves almost all the situations we come across at work. Every problem has a solution. But most importantly, what we fell to understand is we create trouble for ourselves. It is not something that happily walks into our lives and muddles our peace. Because we might have gone wrong and failed to realize it, that is why the matter escalated. Now this is not something that is only limited to just the way you do your job but also how you treat your job. And that includes employee camaraderie.

We get used to a person’s habits and behaviors in a very short span of time. And if there is a certain change that we feel, we do not hesitate to start judging them. We become shallow. What we fail to realize is that may be that person is not in the right state of mind. May be there is something bothering him/her other than just work. Like c’mon we all got issues. Life is full of problems. We start judging people but do we ever care to look into ourselves and check our reactions when our peace of mind is at stake? I don’t think so. Keep an open mind and understand why the behavior of your colleague is not a Friday night but more like a hump day. If he/she do not really want to share their problems, do not push. Give them time. If you are a good friend whom he/she can trust, you will be definitely called for advice. So you need to relax and stop judging and drawing conclusion about your colleagues’ bad attitude. Remember it is just for the time being. The power lies in your hand as how you can position your feelings with reference to theirs and be smart enough to not let the negativity come in your way at work. now you cannot definitely share or experience someone’s problems but I believe we all can look back to our times when we were grumpy and think of all the reasons. This will give you an answer to their sudden change of behavior.

Always remember being negative about somebody is not something that you would like to adopt as a habit. Every cause has an effect. Our mind is always positive. When we get emotional and start being judgmental, we become negative. You do not let your mind work because your thoughts are clashing. The more you become negative the more energy you manifest into that unknown thinking into your mind. You tire yourself and you goof up at work.

Compliments! People let us just all agree to this. We love compliments. WE ALL DO! We know it makes us happy. And we also know that it makes everyone happy. So why can’t we just let all that pride and ego shake off and compliment each other. We know happiness can never be confined to one self. The more you share it comes back to you. If compliments can make your day imagine how complimenting your colleagues can make everyone happy. Makes you happy at work. We are all seeking happiness in everything we do. In the process we forget to remember gratitude and admiration towards others. Every work place follows different dynamics. Every friendship or relationship follows a different dynamics. What stays constant is the intensity to return kindness in various forms according to the compatibility of people sharing the bond. Praise and thankfulness builds up the continuity of such mutual trust and support. I believe it is a need to sustain a healthy work culture.

Being from the training background, I feel empathizing and complimenting gives my job a whole different meaning. People from the similar avenue, I guess high five to that. You are doing a wonderful job if you are following these 2 life changing processes. Lifting people up rather than pulling them down makes you a leader. Everytime!

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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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