Millennial-ly challenged!

Whoever are from the 90’s, people let me tell you all, WE ARE THE BEST THE UNIVERSE HAS GOT IN THE MOMENT! A big shoutout to all millennials who think life is not fair. It  is very very justified to complain about everything. To be impatient. To feel “hangry” and then complain about getting fat. To get sloshed and then complain of a hungover and wasted Sunday. It is absolutely legit to be the fox who thought the grapes are sour. It is the coolest thing ever to fake a good life on social media to feel the emotional void and confusion. After all, we are adulating, right? And it is not a piece of cake!

Being an adult is matter of time. Adulting is a matter of choice. We are so busy giving names to our bosses but what about the fact that we are too distracted to get our jobs done? We are watching online videos of how to stay in shape but what are we actually doing about it? We plan to save money but what about the fact that we invest into our impulsive buys and then few days later we even forget about it? We think we are “not meant to be” but what about the fact that we only WANT and do not GIVE into the relationship? We say we are still in love with our ex-partners then why do we need a rebound? And then again why do we deny it is not just sex? We want to do so many things in life but we end up watching T.V., eating junk and sleep, then why do we blame it on our “hectic” work schedule? If you are happy being single then why do you get drunk at a friend’s wedding and steal the spotlight from the newly wed couple? Because life is not fair? No bruh! It is you who is being unfair to your life.

My belief says every cause has an effect. The choices we make, makes us who we are in the moment. As I write this, I wonder why are we not happy with the fact that we are officially adults? I mean we always wanted our credit/debit cards to swipe and shop, take our own decisions, think of investments, dinner dates and talking mature stuffs and so on. When we were kids, it was a dream to do all of that. To grow up and be like the adults of the family. Get a job, have our own homes, doing things that we were not allowed to do by our parents, own cars like dads, wear high heels like moms, make life decisions like parents without getting guided, etc, etc. So what happened when its actually our chance to do all of that?

First of all, accept the fact that its our time to be finally self sufficient. It is about time that we stop confusing our mind to infantilize ourselves. I mean our parents did not send us to bunch of expensive schools and helped us to get degrees to just get rocked to sleep at 25! It is not fun to be productive. The more you say that everything is unfair and being an adult is not an easy task, you disrespecting your parents, do you realize that? Our parents had 2 kids and a dog being spoon fed at our age along with their jobs plus a personal life to take care of. It was not any jugglery! And we were absorbed into that idea of managing life like them when we were in school. And now when the stage is all ours we want to chicken out.

Second of all, every stage of life is hard if we think like that. Because we are supposed to improve everyday. That is called progress. When we were kids we were struggling with homeworks but now when we look back it feels the early life was an easy one. Let us just understand that we cannot go back in time and do things we already know and show off the fact that we are ‘adulting like a pro”. Accept who we are and learn to know your aspirations. A hope or desire is not something which only has to be a big plan. We all can start small. For example, writing down a to-do list every day. Keeping a check on how much water we drink every day. Or even better help or make someone smile to help or make yourself happy. No hope is a lame one. Every small step however absurd it might be for the rest of the world, you know what you want. Clear the clutter. For every complaint that you have there is an answer. The cause was created deep from your mind which is affecting your happiness in the moment. Before you create the question, look within. The answer is right there! Organize your life in bits. The dots will connect eventually. If you feel negative and regret about anything, make a point to feel lucky. You are only giving yourself a chance to correct the errors. Correct your errors in your pace. Be consistent. Life will be fair and being an adult will be a matter of achievement. Happiness is in your mind. Let it stay away from its premature demise.

P.S. This was not alcohol but a life experience of a 25 year old!

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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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