Favorite frequency

Becoming friends with your mind is a matter of  practice! I mean each moment of our lives we are struggling with so many thoughts altogether. Surprisingly only a few sees the reality. Our mind is nothing less than big cities where people come to achieve dreams. Picture those montages where on a busy city life the traffic standing still and the people stuck in it. Everybody is physically stuck but they are racing their minds to be somewhere else and playing their radio or rather trying to connect with a specific bandwidth to calm them down.

I think our mind is more of a radio where we constantly try to connect to someone or something with a specific bandwidth. We are always looking for the special connect with anyone. Maybe family, maybe friends, maybe someone special or maybe just a stranger. It is so important to find that specific frequency so that our inner channel can flow with any sort of disruptions. Coming to think about it, I guess our emotions are also channeled that exact way. Emotions are just like the different channels and we tune into different emotional rides with each frequency. Our mind is unknown of anything negative. So when we tune into a negative frequency or emotion, the mind becomes curious and goes on to dig deeper hoping for it get over. Just like the times we tune into a radio channel, wait for the commercials to get over and hope for the playlist to start soon.

The decisions we make in our lives or the equations that hover in our heads to expect a specific outcome and there are thing with naturally happens to us all the time. Life is always inconclusive but to a certain extent we can foresee ourselves. It us up to us to stay fix on that frequency or to change it to a new fresh one. Everyone adores freshness in life. Maybe the same thing repeating all over but the freshness is all one wants because there is serenity in it.

We might think that we are something more special but no we are nothing more but a complex machine with a special added flavor. It is true that we are the most complex machines created by the Supernatural. Surprisingly,  we still exchange all the positive and negative energies with our nearby people and just looking for a small simple gap to fit us in this mechanical world. There is a saying that a radio has only two tools, sound and silence. This incompleteness creates the extreme beauty to help us  picture what we want to our own imagination and does not hold us back to a single-front common image where everyone has the same feedback module. It gives us the the creativity in abundance to our own imagination. Our mind is like a radio transmitter where we transmit all our thoughts and expressions to a certain specific bandwidth. I guess that is how we stay connected to ourselves and the world. Perhaps that is how we carve our destiny to meet people. Some stay like our favorite radio stations and some become commercials in between the songs.


Published by cupcakes&miracles

I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little things....in forgiving....in loving....in traveling.....in everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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