The big marathon

The world has been a great place. Too many things to feel, see, touch and remember. Every time I wake up to the chaos of humanity and nature, it captivates my existence. The occasional harsh sunlight on my face. The sound with which rain drenches the space around. The cacophony of the busy naked dogs and cats that try so hard to prove their existence among us. Along with this the on and off knocks at the bedroom door that reminds me to wake up. Much annoying as all it gets at times, but hey, that is what we made of. All of it, everything is a part of our lives that imagine to look back when we grow out of our times. Like right now, this very moment, I am part of your life. You are reading my thoughts, my mind, my life. We are part of each others lives now. Then once you are done reading, you might just get back to what you were doing. Or may be do something new. Or may be talk to someone. Or just anything. You switch to another life. Surprisingly, it is again a part of you. One of the lives in your life. One of those places where your energy or vibe matters or stays. How wonderful it is to think of!

In a day we play so many roles. So many parallel lives. We meet and share our profound presence with other lives. So many thoughts where our existence prevail. It is just like a marathon race. Slowly and steadily, there are parallel vibrations of our thoughts and deeds over time and age are trying to stick till the end. The only difference is that the end matters to the marathon. And the journey of living so many parallel lives in one life is what makes it so special. That makes me wonder; if the end is not so precious then why do we jump to conclusions in the course of our lives so many times. Why don’t we get tired of finding happiness in staying sad and hopeless. I mean, the strongest hope ever is you. The person. Who some years back was born out of a hope. No matter how twisted or indecisive it was, may be, may be not. But if that hope is still you, still alive, I believe that gives us even stronger reasons to face all the decisions and realities we choose for ourselves. Because we dwell in them forever. However, faded a memory that becomes. Or how toxic it may have been to us. Do you deserve this? I mean staying away from bad realities is thoughtful and wise. Letting that smoke of bad reality to cloud the other parallel lives is totally the opposite. Rather, treat all of that as a junction where it ports you to another set of parallel lives where you move with lessons and experiences to make yourself believe that you are way ahead for something better.

The world is a beautiful gift of time. And time has a way of giving us back what it takes away from our lives. Life will only be a better place to stay if we only never forget to remind ourselves how important it is to face those chain of parallel lives that we live every moment. It will be a worthwhile time when you finally look out of the window and struggle a smile on your face and you look back to those years when you were not wrinkled.

Published by cupcakes&miracles

I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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