The gift

It has been one eventful 2018 that I have still not finished to look back. I know it is already February 2019. To me it was a year of revelations and realizations. A lot of old and bad decisions finally made their way out of my life. New ones completely settled for the longest haul. Things really worked miraculously well, professionally. Working as an instructor was never a plan. Turned out the work really gets me. You know what they say that just because you like something, it does not mean it is meant for you. It was really unexpected for me to come out of the illusion that being an educator is something that is not my cup of chai. And just so you know, I am talking about training adult trainers.


when I landed the job as a TEFL/TESOL instructor last year. After instructing for sometime in my city, Kolkata, I have been on a serious travel and teach spree. It has been one eye opening journey. With every passing batch of aspiring teachers and experienced ones, I got to learn so much while I trained them at the same time. It is just so amazing to understand that there is so many different people doing such wonderful things in their lives and they are not influenced or proud. Working with the aspiring bunch of teachers is so much exciting. They have this enormous enthusiasm towards the program and are ready to take up any activity with so much curiosity. On the other hand, it is a treat for me as a trainer to work with the experienced lot. They have so many stories to share. So many little tricks and tips to absorb. At times, few topics seem so easy around them to discuss. Once I lay out the objectives for that day, they seem to come up with their humble share of real-time classroom stories and that kinda keeps the class wonderfully engaged.

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With time, I did realize that I am actually confident in being an educator and that I manage it better than any other previous jobs that I did. Batch after batch I only felt more satisfied and excited to do the job right and work even harder. Initially, it felt so different because I never felt so passionate about any job that I happily spent a huge chunk of my everyday brainstorming and finding creative training and facilitation ideas. Never a single day goes that I do not think about ways to try to present a concept with a little difference from the previous batch. To my surprise I am not even exhausted.

As I write this blog I feel so happy to pour out my feelings here. It has really given my life a sensible dimension. I literally have been more on a learning ride to be honest rather than cherishing my job profile. I think that’s what kept me going and stay excited for meeting these great trainees in every batch. The journey has been quite an exchange. IMG-20190125-WA0016Culturally speaking I get overwhelmed to see how many different cultures I get to interact with everyday. And in return it has only made me a more welcoming person. Professionally, as a modern day facilitator I think it is quite important to have an open mind and to respect trainee voices. Personally, all these enriched my approach towards life in a positive direction more than anything. The good or the bad, when I look back and reflect, it only made me a person with the qualities I never thought I can achieve.
This job is a gift and I am so grateful.

I think this is the thing about life. We often fail to make the right choices and blame it on our bad luck. At times, it also happens that we forget to be grateful enough for tIMG_20180817_124547_190he opportunities that we get and never value the reality of it. I found my opportunity last year and never missed a day to look back at that moment and feel satisfied for my present. I hope you do too!

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