The demon

It happened on one of my travels.

I was exploring around the suburbs of the city. I went there to witness a historic phenomenon, a pond that made unusual patterns with its frequent ripples. Naive locals described it as the demon that is sleeping under the water and the ripples are results of him snoring under water. Well, it sounded captivating so I did not mind believing it. A little bubble won’t harm!

As I walked towards the pond I came across a typical suburban house with a huge courtyard and stacks of hay that marked its territory. A faint wave of giggles caught my attention. As I got closer, I saw there were four women, laughing like time was nearing its end. What I understood from their gestures and the frequent belly scratches, they were mimicking their husbands. They spoke a different language. As I stood there, impolitely interrupting their privacy, one of them saw me and asked the rest to hold up. She smiled. It was welcoming yet restricted.IMG-20190505-WA0021

It was not even a long moment that I became part of the entourage and exchanged comfortable interactions. Further replying to their inquisitive spirits about my lifestyle, the type of work that I do and most importantly, I am 32 and single, what I understood was they were not from my part of the Universe. They were shocked and oddly satisfied at how my work involved, educating the men too!

“Do you get to raise your voice at them, like a teacher? It must be fun to do so”, the youngest of the middle aged women asked. She further added how she envied my life and that I am blessed. Meanwhile, I noticed that this idea of power was something that was not appreciated by the slightly older one. While I was still talking, she interrupted in between:

“Women. We are women. You see, we should not laugh loudly, we should not raise our voices, we are not men.”

Another lady saw the hesitation on my face, to which she said:

“It is better to understand the borderlines. It helps you to get what you want by making the other gender feel like winner. That is the art of being a woman. And not travel and work and educate them.”

More than feeling offended, it hit me deep. Women against women. There. I witnessed it.

I left from there without creating another fuss. I couldn’t help but wondered about the twisted perspective that I just learned. Thousands of deafening thoughts crossed my mind.

As I arrived at the pond, I saw few girls and a boy playing on its bank and laughing together. No inhibitions. No art. It seemed like I traveled through two different Universe to reach to the pond. It was a regular pond. The demon was elsewhere.


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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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