First Saturday

Work trips are usually all about how well you document the minutes and make most of the “work” from the “trip”. Well, thanks to mine, that part is not a dreadful one. On my first visit to Ahmadabad, I had multiple thoughts. After a long time I had a trainee strength of just three (originally four)! My training delivery had to be more like a coach. Thanks to my 5-star anti-procrastinated self, that was well sorted. Well in advance. The weekdays were dedicated to my trainer version. Weekends brought out my TLC side.

Perhaps, the small group made the training sessions quite personal and made me like the city too. The traveler in me had already made a list of places to visit. Out of all the places that I explored, the worthwhile ones were Jhulta Minara, Sabarmati Ashram and Law Garden. Dada Harir Vav was disappointing due to lack of maintenance. It is sad how such a huge piece of fantastic architecture is nothing but a playhouse for dust and dirt. Surprisingly, the mosque on its backyard was a beaut!

By the Sabarmati river, is the Ashram. With carefully restored household and personal items of Mahatma Gandhi and his family, it is a real quaint treat for the tourists. Part of the structure is utilized as a gallery and a museum. The famous Charkha, the spinning wheel and Gandhi’s round glasses are in display which really etched a depth in my mind. It takes you through his contributions, doctrines, lifestyle, movements all in one place. You can finish off your tour around the place by resting on one of the benches by the river. A little heads up to love; there are chipmunks everywhere!
Sidi Bashir Mosque or Jhulta Minara. It is said that the architecture is such that during times when one minaret vibrates, it travels to the other! Bizarre info, right? Well, when I went the Earth didn’t quake! The thing that bothered me: there is a slum that borders the local area. So, for solo female tourists or girls in general, just be a bit careful! Overall, the stone architecture was all about Islamic scriptures and importance which were intricately made in motif patterns. The prayer hall is accessible to all. Minus, the safety part, the experience was breathtaking!
The mosque behind Dada Harir Vav. Vav is the old Gujarati word for step well. The step wells were beautiful architectural forms typical of this particular geographical area. I read so much about this specific one that I had to visit it. It was on my way back from the Jhulta Minara. What came to me as a shocker was the way it was not maintained at all. It was dark, dusty, damp and dingy! That’s a lot but so true that I had to mention all at once. As I went to its backyard, there stood this beautiful mosque. The keeper was rather sweet to show me around. The two figures stood right there on the same ground with strikingly opposite maintenance level.

Ahmadabad is quite a big city and to travel from on point to another takes a metropolitan time. On the way back from the Sabarmati Ashram, I missed a visit to the Calico Museum of Textiles. If you put it on your list, make sure to call the museum to book a slot for yourself, at least a week in advance. Yes, it works like that. In between these two points, there’s the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum. It felt too tourist-ey for a traveler like me. So I skipped it. Besides these, the other stops that I mentioned earlier fall on the same route. After you are done exploring, you can take a final stop around the Law Garden area to do some street shopping. If you are rational in your head, let me tell you they have everything cute but costly stuffs. Good news: the sellers are up for bargain!

I had hired a local autorickshaw that took me all the places. Google Maps helped along the process. Given the vehicle and the traffic, if you are that kind of a person who has got to tick off everything on the list in a short time, this entire sightseeing will take not more than 2 and a half hours. There are Government tour buses available too. You have to book may be a couple of days in advance. However, they take you around all the places to visit. I didn’t wanna explore a few points so I opted out. But its worth the money. You can book it online.

Overall, my first Saturday on my 3 weeks work trip went quite amazing. The Sunday however, reminded me of Monday and I planned to stay tucked in the hotel room with Netflix and Masala Khichdi.

The next Saturday was a day that I would cherish forever. Write soon!

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