H for Harappa

Ruins are the sign of advancement. And it was best explained by my trip to the extended remnants of Harappa- the port city.

You know that feeling when your wish comes true? A childhood wish, in particular? It was surreal! After a whole lot of indecisive decisions, the journey was made a worthy one to always remember.

It was a forever thing on my wishlist to visit the place. On my previous blog I had shared the few places that I have visited on my trip to Ahmedabad, First Saturday

Well, this one is special.

After a lot of info collection about how to go there, I had resort to booking a cab. Luckily, I found a company, another history buff to share the experience with…..

Harappa is located on the outskirts of the city in Lothal. A roughly 80 kilometers drive, you can also avail public transport (a bus, then a tuk-tuk and voila!) But that takes up to 3-4 hours to reach. Based on the reviews, it would take me roughly 2 hours to explore the entire site (and the reviews were super correct). Much that my wish was about to get fulfilled, I couldn’t really afford a 8- hours travel back and forth in total. However, it is cheaper, if that’s what you’re looking for.

After a long drive, and a lot of catching up with my girl, while occasionally getting stunned by the rural greenery, we reached Lothal. Okay, reminder: Carry bottles of water and snacks along with you. The road will literally dry up and starve you till your last cell. There are no “dhaba” once you take the exit after the toll. It is almost an hour and a half journey after that.


We are here. I am here!

It was surreal to even step out of the car. I guess you get the feel of what i am trying to express here……




There are parking facilities right around the site. After we bought the tickets (20 rupees each) , we were led to the museum. It had all the artifacts, potteries, utensils, toys, jewelries, etc. as part of the collection. It also displayed a mock up of the entire civilization which sadly became the mounds of the dead. If you love going through all the deets of the collection, it will take you a little less than an hour. It is an U-shaped space and right in the middle there is a theater with a mini-projector setting for the kids to enjoy the history, virtually.

After the museum, we went straight towards the excavated site. Well, let’s just say, it was like walking into the pages of the history book!





After a lot of dust consumption and passionate admiration of the dead civilization, we bid goodbye. The journey while returning back to the city was a quite one. We kept thinking about the possibilities of what would have happened. It made us curious in our heads and heavy in our hearts.

The reality of extinction kicked us hard. Not to be dramatic but it was an eye-opener and a signal to stay humble.

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