Of Ruskin and the bonds!

This lock down has been and still a tough one for majority of us. With no option to spend our money on our impulses, no pointless “teas” to share about the favorite co-worker that we hate for no harmful reason at all or may be just the idea of getting bored in a million years from scrolling the phone; it is a task to survive. Good news is we are too lazy to even find stuffs to do around our homes to keep ourselves busy. But we don’t leave a moment to appreciate how our favorite celebs are pro-ing at household chores. Incredible!

Needless, to say I walked the lane too!

On the 3rd day of my work from home episode, my mom gave me a temptation. Weird for a lot of you. She said, “Clean up the library, I will let you switch on the AC after you shower tomorrow”.

Seriously, Mom! I AM NOT A BABY!

So I cleaned the library. Of curse!

Yeah, and I enjoyed the perk and all that silly jazz. But also, I found out a lethal alibi to not get bored. The library is massive! With way too old prints from the time of my ancestors to my section of utter girly and sometimes eccentric collections.

Man, did I just buy too many books to read and shelved them because I have a job, then a boyfriend and a few occasionally frequent unhealthy choices that kept me way too pretentious to be actually busy?

Hell yes!

Well I challenged myself to read two books each week and there I was: me, my challenge against quarantine.

But seriously fellas, it has been refreshing. I started the challenge with 2 beautiful books written by Ruskin Bond.

  1. Falling in love again
  2. Lone fox dancing


Bond is a beautiful writer. Now I am not here writing a review. But his works are simply amazing that I couldn’t help but blog about it.

The first one, if you are a Ruskin Bond fan, you cannot miss this amalgamation of his vivid works. The excerpts added in the book completely resonates with the look of the book cover too.


It is a timeless piece and it will take you away from the paranoia around for sure. The down memory lane will be walked and you will float back with a calm smile in your head.

P.S.: Not at all an exaggeration.

The second one is his autobiography, where he has just penned down every minute details of his life. At times you would really wonder if you are reading a book or you are literally having a conversation with him. The words are beautifully placed and there is a weird innocence that holds the chapters together.

A special mention for a friend who got these books autographed by the author. Thank you so much, Nitasha!


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