Butterfly through Moni Mohsin

“Between you, me and the four walls.”

And that’s exactly how our Butterfly spilled all the tea! Butterfly is Pakistan’s pompous image of the posh and bougie party lover who kept a track on the political affairs of her country at the same time. Juggling her fabulous life between Pakistan and London (and sometimes landing on Dubai), she writes monthly journals of how the world works around her. Janoo and Kulchoo, her husband and son respectively forms a big part of that world. An avid traveler and a connoisseur of everything fine, she gives a detailed account of the who’s who of her family and (important/VIP) friends.

The first installment starts from January 2001 and ends with a small note on a major twist in the world politics on January 2008 (the assassination of Benazir Bhutto). Her second journal starts from right where she left till she wished her friends “Marry Christmas” on December 2013. Moni Mohsin portrayed our Butterfly as glamorous and hilarious at the same time. The books really kept me hooked. The frequent mix of Hindi and English, thanks to my bilingual desi state of mind made me literally enjoy it more than a chick flick of a similar kind.IMG-20200413-WA0017

Sharp satires and crisp comedy brought Butterfly to life. However, there is some serious misuse of the English language. You need to know the nuances of Hinglish like a pro! Also at times, Butterfly is seen really ignorant and baffled her so-called educated class of rich friends with her petty and lame remarks. Her world revolves around the virtue of extravagance and superficial elegance. But if the sentiments are kept aside, her dimwit personality will not seem that malicious.

I guess through Butterfly, Moni Mohsin took digs at the hypocrisy of Pakistani politics to her heart’s content. Not only that through Butterfly’s eyes a very different world can be seen- that of a rich Pakistani woman for whom  everything should be aristocratic and good looking.

I tau loved reading the books sach batau toh!

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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little things....in forgiving....in loving....in traveling.....in everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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