My plants, my plans

Being a pagan part of the Mother Earth, it is very necessary for each one of us to stay close to nature. If not close, at least spend a little time everyday. Being an instructor where part of my job includes knowing more and more about the multiple intelligence of humans, what I understand that a lot of us give extreme existential crisis to our naturalist

IMG20200308093929 (1)

intelligence. Thanks to our digital temptations, we stay in our plastic bubble that makes us believe that we are urban and advanced.

Are we?

I guess being raised by a mother who chose the herbal-ism way of life has its own perks. I grew up watching her coming up with alternative solutions for everyday health care to serious ailments. Sure you need hospitals and technical medicine to cure critical conditions. But love for nature and its gifts will not let you to even reach that sudden life-death situations. Given the global situation right now, I might sound archaic, but hey, it is tried and tested. If you stay clean and safe, drink lemon and honey stews (free recipe!), drink warm water with ginger (kindly refrain from “but it’s lemonade with ice season” attitude) and do it everyday, that will work wonders!

Coming back to nature,


of late I took up this habit of appreciating the plants around my house more than ever. I guess the signs of age and genes finally showing up! This quarantine has been an eye-opener for me about so many things, plants and flowers are capable of doing!

Now, I usually keep all my plants on pots. I take them out to the roof in the morning so that they can soak up some sun. Later by sunset I put them back in their places around the house. Just this particular thing that I do everyday has unknowingly, made me so much aware about the mysteries around us.

Looking at those greens for a while is some serious stress buster. Be it any plant, look at them and breathe. It will definitely make you happier and reduce your stress than some not-so-useful Tik Tok video of some girl switching clothes with her boyfriend!


One of my balconies have literally become an aloe vera farm and it just feels so satisfying to be around this glorious succulents. Literally helps with every personal care solutions! Buy plants- they help you to stay grounded and positive against the negative ions of Laptop, phone, microwave and TV and just basic bullshit of people! Also it helps you to control your impulses as you will have no option to sleep late in the morning. You have to feed them with sunshine and water. That my friend, is the gateway to good life.

I believe this is my first step to Herbalism and follow my mother’s relationship with the nature.

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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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