Bedtime tales and more

Living a comfortably privileged life has never been a realization while I was growing up. It felt normal. Being bratty in school and disciplined at home was the only big challenge that kept me on my toes. Thanks to a dysfunctional state of my family, I learnt a thing quite early in my life- filter out the bad parts, life will be bearable and you’d be happy. Miraculously, whenever I am thrust into a professional or personal moment full of facade and fiasco, even today after 5000 years of existence (just kidding; but you never know!), it has helped me look beyond the nonsense, and do what is needful.

Well the only addition is that now I have my judgment window open (just being an adult). So I sometimes laugh at those nonsense parades (mostly other humans) and feel grateful for the fact that I have not yet been influenced to a clown-ish extent by people.

My biggest influence in my life has been books. I have treasured all the books that I have read since I got all my five senses working to link it to my memories. They have kept me strong, made me realize the world in a better way and never failed to leave some magic and imagination in my life every day. Also they kept me busy from getting drowned into the dysfunction! One of the earliest books that made me a reader is a bedtime story book. I hope we all know what I am talking about.

Now this one’s a fat but very light book- designed only for kids so you know!


I have saved it for years but I forgot all the stories that I had read. It is an Italian book translated in English and it has twenty five stories in total. I was going through it today and I observed a couple of things.

First, a five page story used to feel like reading a novel at that time I got it as a birthday present. I literally finished it in couple of hours now; right before I wrote this blog.


Second, the more I read it from my present perspective, it was interesting to understand how big pictures of life were portrayed with innocence and imagination. I literally re-read the book by a generation gap and it blew my mind how these stories are just about everyone you see around.

Now it might sound silly to you all that I actually read the book but if you are a reader, you should definitely go back to those old fairy tales you have at home. Read them again. I am sure you will get your brain re-wired and you’d filter out the bad parts, life will be bearable and you’d be happy.


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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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