Corona feat. your ex

Of late, I have learned something fascinating about being in my millennial prime. Coronavirus is much like that toxic relationship we once had. The ones who are living the toxic life, its evaluation time!

  • While in the relationship, that kid will keep you miserable to feel superior. Well the only difference is you are not in a relationship with Corona. But the treatment is at par! At first things are under control, until you realize you got played. Just like the virus!
  • That species of ex oozes charm like a wildfire. Its either in the relationship or soon after it gets the best of your happiness, that you realize its not only you, but an entire village of mortals got played. Just like the virus!
  • That creep will creep into your iMessages, slide into your DM’s, text you on Whatsapp, even email you when you break up. Once you fall for it just out of politeness, you are dead. The only solution- distancing and isolation. Just like the virus!


  • That ex and corona has another similar attribute- they love to threaten the life outta you. That scum will threaten you to go public with your private pictures that you had shared or your embarrassing secrets that it knows. Corona is life-threatening. Period.

There have been enough posts and news about how people have been reconnecting with their exes during the quarantine. Let me tell you, its just the increasing libido because of boredom. Reconnecting with your ex is like talking to a drug dealer after you get released from the rehab.


Published by cupcakes&miracles

I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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