The warp on Mother’s Day

That day it rained a lot. I was on my way back from lunch with few of my friends. It was on the other side of the city. Now there’s usually less traffic during the later part of the afternoon. I would have returned home in less than twenty minutes. As I drove past the farmer’s market, I recalled that I had to buy a few things. I parked the car on the other side of the main street and as I got ready to head out, I figured I did not have any umbrella in my car. The rain was unexpected. But what was about to happen was even more unexpected.

Let me tell you, I lived to tell the tale. So no one dies tonight!

I somehow managed to cover my head with my handbag. I crossed the street and I went inside. I bought whatever essentials I needed, paid the cashier and left. There was not a big line at the counter. It was pretty smooth. I crossed the street, got inside the car and drove up the road to home.


I reached home to a surprise.

My daughters had returned from work and arranged a little party with their husbands and my grand kids. It was Mother’s Day. They had spare keys to my home and how perfectly, they had managed to arrange everything right on time and waited for me to return. I was left in awe and felt complete!

The dinner was wonderful. My younger son-in-law worked as a bakery chef and he has this thing to prove his skills to me every time we get together. Well, good for me- it was delish! It was a full house for that night as both of my daughters planned to stay back with their families. And well yeah, the kids had their summer vacation, so why not?

Surrounded by my grand kids I had to prove my talent in story telling. As I was about to start to tell them about the adventures of Hansel and Gretel, there was a faint noise. Someone was trying to open the door. It was almost 9.30 at night. I was in the living room. So I did not bother the other elders who were in the kitchen.

The door opened before I could unlock from the inside.

“Surprise! Happy Mother’s Day Mama! We wanted to come early but we got stuck in the traffic. Damn! It is pouring crazy. You said you won’t be home for lunch. So we thought may be we would arrive while you were out and prepare dinner for you. Well, I hope you didn’t go to bed already because we are starving and the kids want you to tell them that story, which one was it, Ryan?”, my younger daughter trailed off as she went straight inside the kitchen after a tight hug

“Hansel and Gretel”, the twins shrieked.

“Happy Mother’s Day Mom.” The older one wished as she hugged me.

The house seemed like a party the same way it was just a few hours ago. My younger son-in-law followed my girls to the kitchen while the other one made himself comfortable on the couch. “Are you ok?”, he asked with concern.

I stood there like a rock as I paused to recollect the series of events. It was one Mother’s Day that was warped in time.

It has been 5 years to that night and we still talk about that Mother’s Day like it was yesterday.

Well, thank God, my daughters did not think that I am crazy or did they?

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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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