It has been 10 days of the 3-hour long nature’s threat and we are still facing its consequences. Super cyclone Amphan had hit West Bengal among her neighboring few leaving us disconnected from the world completely for almost a week. Luckily my house is around the area where the diplomats stay so we did not quite suffer extensively. But major parts of my city, Kolkata was ruptured into a pool of electric wires, electrocuted flood water, and trees. The restoration is going on with full force. However, lack of manpower due to the corona virus has slowed down the process. There are still a lot of neighborhoods where there is no electricity. There was a lack of water but its taken care well now. However, the internet connectivity has been way too unstable. With hardly any reception on phones, no internet calling options, for sometime everything literally traveled back in time. 


When we are supposed to work from home, the stable internet seems to be the support system. Without the WiFi, it was totally a doom for days. Devastating pictures of the country side made rounds and it was all heart breaking to see how the people lost their mud built homes. The farmers lost the crops. People were electrocuted and seen floating up dead. The Sunderbans were affected mercilessly. The picture of a dead Royal Bengal Tiger was symbolic.


Another terrific picture: the airport was under water.


The government and the local municipality corporations have been doing their best to restore the city into what it was. Although the lock down has been a major obstacle.

Interestingly, Amphan made me realize something- after so many trees were uprooted, I was amazed to see how green was my cosmopolitan!

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