Faithful cheaters

World changed after it left the analog suit for the digital makeover. The air became calculative and heavy with acerbity. We started to think ironically. The sales and discounts made us spend the moolahs but we thought twice to pay for the carry bag. Girls sleeping around for easy success started bad mouthing co-workers to defend their shallow choices. Guys wanted a modern taste in his wife but with an intact hymen. The moon light beckoned the night clubs to give an easy access to each and every youngsters with dad’s economy.

Love became extinct.

Lust was the new definition that mapped the planet.

It started to get applied to every thing including bodily feelings.

I stayed a little away for the state-of-the-art redefined society. Of course, I had to be a part of the potential nincompoop condition. Being a part of the living things with the ability to think is difficult. We all fall for the biggest temptation, money. So much that we have not yet found or rather got comfortable in not finding an alternative to this blissful scam. I lived a twenty minutes Beetle drive away from my workplace. As I drove back each evening from the concrete smog, the banter of the crickets and the breezy silence showed me the way.

USA was almost at the verge of becoming the madhouse that it is now.



I lived in a studio apartment with my boyfriend, who now wears the husband cap, used to shut himself from the outside world often to communicate to the creativity that he sold to the classy people of the new world. Looking back, I am in awe how the house demarcated the worlds. Both were chaotic- one lacked sanity. Go figure!

Of all these years living with him, has made me realize how easy it is to be surrounded by things we love, if only we looked around harder. I always had the kind of love where we could not have enough of each other. It still feels yesterday that we found out how we had similar satisfaction from popping blackheads and eating cold pizza. We still look at each other the same manner while we had different lovers at the college parties to make out with. If not for that teenage romance, we won’t have cheated on our lovers 12 years ago to find out how we were made to stay faithful to each other. The love was deep. Now it is the only the propaganda I believe.

The cheaters were not guilty.

With him, the coldness received from the mechanical life was well warmed with his genuine fire. Most nights we would reminisce. The times our bodies glided with the mushy roughness that made us responsible for each other’s happiness, are the times that kept us glued to the vows that we made to each other. Somewhere love was still alive. And it sparked rare honesty and unfathomable gentleness. We would make each other lose the ability to think. We would have moments of void- a little flavor of death. It was compelling. It is an orgasm, an analog pleasure.

Such is love, it always keeps aside a slice of chemistry amidst all the digital seduction around!






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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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