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It was yet another day that I was on the verge of missing my flight. I was lucky enough that it rained that day. I was almost at the airport when the airline texted that the flight would be delayed by an hour and a half hours! Good Lord!

I dropped my bag, took my sweet time while finding characters in the ambient chatters and got done with an important rite of passage- frisking before I moved to the security hold. I strolled around the stores when the book cover grabbed my attention at the bookstore W H Smith. Man, was that me? Hell, yes! Minus the reels but am I not overloaded with work essentials that also include balancing a grande while I half ran-half walked in heels? Hell, yes times 2!


Written by Komal Mehta, the story revolves around Jia and her life as a manager/savior/angel to the Bollywood superstar Shezad Khan. The triumphs and tribulations that the job brought to her was elaborated with absolute realism. What it feels like to be a star? The regal life that comes with a lot of melodrama and impulsive sensibilities, it was well knotted with the plain Jane life of the regular life of Jia. The ambitious nature of Bollywood is well knitted with crisp use of words. The professional tension and the personal angle of Jia and Shezad’s relationship as the employee and the employer also fills up the pages with much anticipated filmy energy.

Now, I do not wanna compare but yes, on the cover as Huma Qureshi is quoted as saying, I would agree to her to an extent that it is a story of being forced to live a life on the edge where the protagonist needs to take a call; live it or leave it.

Now the downer- there was a lack of excitement in the turn of events as you would expect in a cinematic plot. The story towards the end became flat and predictable. There the author lost the chance of giving it the perfect ending that the story deserved. The edit was good but the delivery of the narratives lacked humor at necessary places. The way the description of a Bollywood manager’s life was given would draw the readers into the pages. However, as the story moved towards the climax, the author seemed to be in a hurry to finish the book.

The story was fabulous but it missed the spotlight.


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I love writing for and about happiness. Happiness in little everything.....with a hint of comic relief at times.....feel free to be my critique and I promise to give your thoughts a thought!!

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