Please answer my questions in the end

2 books in 2 weeks- these books were on  my agenda for a long time. Soon after I finished reading both there were a couple of similarities that I found annoying.

Give it a read and if possible, clarify!

Read on to know my questions………

Keep the change


So it was a gift and before that, I had never heard of Nirupama Subramaniam.

I recently finished it and let me tell you; it literally took me back to the days of my first full time job as an adult. The life of the protagonist after she moved to a different city, struggles before settling with the new atmosphere, friendships, flings and the great transformation!

The protagonist, B. Damayanthi hated her name just the way she would get nauseous each time her Amma would push her to meet a prospective groom following the arranged marriage Indian tradition. Her bland life in Chennai was made even more boring by her accountant job at a small time enterprise. Her move to Mumbai was a big leap of faith when she landed a job there. The journey from their becomes the soul of the book.

The comic timing of the book is something that will make you fall in love with the story. With every turn of events, Subramaniam have given a funny alternate and a peep into the cinematic imaginations of Damayanthi.

The language is pro millennial and the very realistic. The strong point lies in the edit that has given the book a crisp story line. You can read the book more than once and you will definitely enjoy it the second time.

It was a treat!

Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake


Yet another book which is a well written piece with a concrete story line. It is about Nisha who gets married to the love of her life only to be left by her husband after few years for a younger woman. She is now a mother of 2 kids and has been living a luxurious life. Hell was on her when she decided to take the tough call of raising the kids by herself. Her friendship with Akash brings the missing twist in her life. Akash, a younger guy full of hope keeps her sailing through all odds and helps her get a fresh perspective on her life.

The story ends quite dramatically with these two finding love and a world in a quaint bungalow where they finally settle down together; with the kids.

The author, Preeti Shenoy did justice and it was a great onetime read. I remember how I kept this book aside only to read on the metro. I used to look forward to the metro ride with excitement for one week because of how immaculate the narratives were placed.

However, few places are absolutely predictable and highly boring. At times it had strong TV series vibes. But all was compensated by how the author made an effort to show the different layers of development of Nisha and Akash’s chemistry.

The book will give you warm thoughts!


While I wanted to end the blog I couldn’t help but wonder:

  • What is this obsession of authors with girls of average appearance? I mean both the books describe the protagonist as plump with insecurities. The sublime lampoons of the authors as to how such people are always made for bad luck just doesn’t make sense! Why do you want your readers of such stature to think they are imperfect?
  • Now I understand it feels good to read transition of women from the damsel in distress to a boss lady but is it necessary to always involve a guys (good or bad) in the process? May be there are other ways too? 

I need answers!

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