Elements pt. 2

Hey hey hey!

It has been a crazy week…..Phew! While the inauguration day gave hopes to raise the world standards from grass root perspectives, I sped up my abilities to update spread sheets and student transcripts. After a long week, finally it is the ideal Saturday night to take up the blog right from where I left. In my previous blog I mentioned how there are few things that we should always be grateful for; apart from the fact that we survived the 2020 dystopia.

Give the blog a quick read here: https://cupcakesandmiracles.com/2021/01/17/elements-pt-1/

Welcome to part 2

Now before I dive into thanking Jupiter and Saturn, a little trivia for my ladies out here. Another reason to worship the moon- it regulates our monthly cycle. Yes, the moon does it! Some say it is a myth, while ancient findings do have evidence of its truth.

The Jupiter

Big, mighty and noisy. The planet has been always associated with good luck and growth. Now not supporting astrology, astronomy, etc. but it does have a big, mighty and noisy influence over our lives. Aligning yourself with that influence is pretty easy. Not. I mean speaking from my personal experience staying focused into thinking positive and constructive is one hella tricky thing.

Jupiter-ish influence over us is the highest during Thursdays. One way to bring about a positive change in oneself is to give a break to our digestive system. In India we also associate good luck and growth with Godddess Laxmi and we worship her with much discipline. Vegetarian or vegan food is a mandate on those days to give a break to the system. Well without going deep into the dogmas, the point is fasting and not breakfast-ing on Thursdays definitely helps you get synced.

The other ways when you can have a bigger influence of Jupiter in your life:

Wear different shades of yellow.

Add care for nature to your to-do list. Start by watering a house plant. It is a great start!

Well, just be a believer of the idea that you would always receive more when you give away.

The Saturn

It is perhaps the only planet with two extreme moods. Saturn is malefic and mellow. Can you believe it? Neither did I, ten years ago. Saturn is an old planet and it has been the part of time more than the time, time was discovered!

Be grateful to Saturn because it influences your long life. It also brings in the right hurdles in your life to either make you stronger or to teach you lesson. At times we keep on trying to excel at something that we really love but the efforts never meet a positive result. Thank Saturn because this babe in the Universe is giving you major signs that it might not be the best decision or may be you are more interested in comparing your miserable state with success stories rather than actually putting the needed effort. Saturn helps us to introspect; an ability very few possess. Talk to yourself, measure your thoughts. That is Saturn for you.

I hope you all find the blog really useful and you make good choices for yourself. There are some things that cannot be proven with abstract and absolute facts but they definitely exist. Just like the power of gratitude.

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