Author appreciation post #1

Overtime I have amazed myself with how the book shelves at home filled up with literary works from fantasy, frivolous, super girlie reads to dark, deep thinking ones to biographies, autobiographies to even research works…….a big PHEW!

When I look back at my reading graph, I sort of covered pretty much all the genres. Why am I like this? I mean I always wanted to show off as someone “sucker for romance” or say things like “damn, Darcy!” or get “Sherlocked”. Now that I think about it, I guess I am more thrilled to read in general than getting excited about a type of literary work. Good for me I guess; it has always helped me to mesh well with all kinds of book lovers and discuss and debate. It is always a difficult question to answer as to who is my favorite author. Well of course I do have less favorite books or the ones where I judged the books buy their covers and regretted.

Today my author appreciation post is about Meg Cabot and Haruki Murakami.

Previously I had shared a book review on one of the Murakami books:

And, another on a Meg Cabot trilogy:

The authors have completely different ways of story telling and stitching the incidents together. But I think in their own ways they still are similar on the places where they try to build up the tension among the readers. The way the turn of events always leave you intrigued to know the next part is kind of what brings these 2 authors on the same page. Their writing styles are absolutely different from each other. Surprisingly enough, as I grew up and my thought processes kept changing, the transition from Cabot to Murakami kept the essence of my kinda reads on a constant level. The imaginative writings and the vivid details of the characters are tightly based on the respective author’s homelands and that really kept me hooked to their works. Their works are heavily influenced by dramatic, musical yet daily references.

I would come around with another author appreciation post soon!

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