March 8- a teeny time travel


The name has a rich history from the time any written record of the past was found by archaeologists and historians. Many believe that her poems and hymns are the earliest written records ever found in the history of civilizations. Enheduana was the priestess from Sumer, modern day Baghdad and a stretch over the Persian Gulf. She is the earliest known woman recorded in history who came from the royal family and later after much compromises and diplomacy, she was made the high priestess. She then went on to compose hymns for temples all around the Sumer lands , Akkadian regions and beyond.

Originally 37 tablets were found where a total of 42 hymns and poems were excavated. There were inscriptions and seals made in her honor which were as valued as the biggies of the then rulers and noblemen of the Mesopotamian civilization. Interestingly enough, there were copies found of her compositions much later in other parts of the modern day worlds. It proves the authenticity and popularity of her literary works that they were relevant even generations after her death.

Enheduana is often mentioned along with Inanna, the fertility Goddess. Most of her pre-historical poems which are translated in Sumerian language are all about the Goddess and her greatness. Enheduana also went on to providing a logical and practical hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses which led to transpire into women empowerment and equality in decision making across Akkadian regions and cultures.

Then generations and centuries later……….

When women were stamped as a commodity and conditioned to get married and make babies and follow cultural oppression as a lifestyle, some German women started a movement for voting rights in 1914 which they won precisely 4 years later in 1918. It is also believed that may be the movement started on a Sunday, March 8. That led into a journey of inclusion, equality and empowerment. After much struggle, when it was all worth it and the media publicized the observation, International Women’s Day on March 8 steadily became a thing to commercialize.


The Peshmerga guerilla fighters are still protecting and fighting for a peaceful Kurdistan.

It is an amazing world. Happy International Women’s Day!

May we never have to celebrate a day dedicated to women and everyday is ours to own. May the mothers are educated enough to teach their sons the importance of harmonious existence of both the genders while moving ahead with time. I believe that is more essential and a lot of problems would be solved if the parents develop functional integrity. It is all a cycle!

If only Enheduana could know the future world…..Salut!

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