All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten

Shubho Nobo Borsho readers!

Well this is how we say Happy New Year. While for some it is Songkran or Ser Sala We Piroz Be, the Bengalis celebrate Poila Boisakh (1st day of the new year as per the Bengali calendar). A much awaited day for the community when it is not only about the food, clothes and celebration, it is a good break for many office goers!

The beginning to another fiscal year, Bengali businessmen do all sorts of elaborate arrangements to worship the wealth and luck they have earned.

As for me I started the year by finishing a very interesting book by Robert Fulghum.

This book is years old and I had got my hands on it just a couple of weeks back. The writer is funny. Period. I love how he talked about just anything and everything that happens in our adult lives that we tend have no knowledge or answers for. Things that could have been made aware of when we were younger. Like money, tax, relationships, etc. Sadly, our younger selves were too protected and then suddenly one fine day, you are old and you gotta take care of yourself!

The book was first published in 1986. However, the thoughts are universal and they are still fresh and relatable. The chapters are based on his daily life learnings and they reflect some of the major experiences that adults go through. He identifies himself as a lazy person who is not able to join the dots of certain things around him. And with everything we are growing old each day. The language is very easy to read and hilarious. Here, is an excerpt:

Everyone should get a copy!

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