21st century and 2020

Hey community! I hope we all are keeping super safe and being responsible. September was crazy busy- teacher training is not a cakewalk, y’all! So yeah, when finally I have one evening to myself after so long, I had to share this awesome thought or rather a fresh perspective that I came across a fewContinue reading “21st century and 2020”

It is always on a Sunday

Sundays make me ever curious, Here is a heartfelt note for you all… It is always on a Sunday…….. That I come to a realization point as to where do I stand in life right now? I have my necessities and luxuries all covered. I am forever grateful. What’s next? Is there something that IContinue reading “It is always on a Sunday”

Adulting – an Amazon find

This page looks like a day in any millennial’s life trying to figure out her or his life. Simultaneously trying to get accepted by everyone around while accepting herself or himself. The exact reason why I fell in love with the author’s way of portraying the struggle. Adulting by Neharika Gupta. it is safe toContinue reading “Adulting – an Amazon find”

God On God- What on Earth was he thinking?

I have been meaning to write about this book for a long time now. It was a gift on a flight by a co-passenger! As you’d know I have always had jobs that made me travel (ever grateful for that), I journal all my flight experiences. However, this one I thought is worth sharing withContinue reading “God On God- What on Earth was he thinking?”

VOGUE India presents- DRESS

Fashion has always been a fascinating part of my personal interests. I mean obviously for many people it is only about dressing up. I think it is more about how to influence people to dress up in a way that is convincing and creative. Ironically, these 2 factors also bring out the unique sides ofContinue reading “VOGUE India presents- DRESS”