Full moon in July

Being into healing practices and studying energy for a few years now. I guess every day you realize something new. I was always about worshipping and believing in the Sun. Moon; not too much! This full moon made it possible for me to accept the powers of Moon as well. I ignored the concrete jungleContinue reading “Full moon in July”

Reflective journal

Yeah so as the title suggests; this blog is about my takeaways from my Spanish language class. Signing up for a language class has so many benefits. After a few years of being an ESL instructor and TEFL teacher trainer, I have come to realize one thing. No matter how much you simplify the languageContinue reading “Reflective journal”

Double standards and education

When you go through this post you’d know what I am talking about. It is a common reality. Now I am not calling out anyone but this is literally a strong element in the ESL/EFL job world that has kept the better teachers from getting hired just because they don’t speak like the Hollywood actors!Continue reading “Double standards and education”

Just regular perils

MY LAPTOP BROKE AND IT TOOK 2 WHOLE WEEKS TO GET IT REPAIRED!!!! With time I have learned that we have gone a little over the 3 basic necessities now. It is no more food, clothing and shelter. It is money, laptop/phone and internet connection! If you have these 3, you can have the traditionalContinue reading “Just regular perils”