A millennial’s note to the corona virus

You see we do have a name or two for you- Miss Rona, Boomer Remover blah blah. We believe in emojis more than emoting. We think YOLO is the only mantra that would keep us from FOMO. But deep down in the face of the planet we are scared of you. No cap! I amContinue reading “A millennial’s note to the corona virus”

Short hair story

I have always been fascinated by short haircuts. Being a girl who always liked to sport a pixie (except during my graduate school when I had a serious romantic curls phase) I have always loved watching my favorite actors sporting short hairstyles onscreen. I guess all the short haired girls would agree to the factContinue reading “Short hair story”

Please answer my questions in the end

2 books in 2 weeks- these books were onĀ  my agenda for a long time. Soon after I finished reading both there were a couple of similarities that I found annoying. Give it a read and if possible, clarify! Read on to know my questions……… Keep the change So it was a gift and beforeContinue reading “Please answer my questions in the end”