A much needed Slow Sunday

For a past few months it has been crazy busy work front. I don’t remember the last time I had a weekend all to myself. Just did my own things of happiness. Read a book, drank some wine, wrote a few lines of love and life, ate a delicious meal cooked unhurriedly, introspected. But yeah as they say, working hard pays off. It was the annual awards night at Asian College of Teachers where I was awarded the Best Academic Support. It was quite the surprise!

So here I am gleaming with an unexpected happiness that my office showered on me!

The picture however makes me look like a junior high school math prodigy!

Jan 31, 2021

I marked the end of the 1st month of the most anticipated year (for obvious reasons) with a Slow Sunday feel. The award was an appreciation and may be a subtle reminder that I need to be more “supportive”! So it took me a couple of hours to sink into the feeling that I did not have any work today. I owned my Sunday after months. I could not have wasted it on just watching Netflix and sleeping. Although a part of me wanted that!

After the strong Americano and my indispensable millet bowl, I took the day in my hand. I have a roof top garden that has been quite lovingly created (I would write a blog on that soon!). With the Sun being all crisp and warm today, I curled like a croissant in the midst of all the freshly watered and mildly fragrant seasonal blooms. OK that was well exaggerated ha ha ha…..

Once I started to feel a little SULA (sweaty upper lip alert) from sitting under the sun for half an hour, I went down to my library to look for a new book to read. With my crazy schedule all these days, I can hardly finish a book in a week. Usually that is my pace, however thick a book is! After much browsing through the shelves I came across a book that I have been putting off since 2010. God knows why. Fashion Victim by Sam Baker. I remember buying this book. It was during my double major years when life became volumes of dazzled episodes of impulsive decisions and high voltage academic schedules. For some reason, known best by my subconscious mind, I never read the book. So yeah, after a decade later, here I am well reminisced and much realized that I cannot afford to waste my pound money 6.99!

February find (Jan 31, so kinda, yeah!):

Annie, an ex- crime journalist swaps her gory life of gruesome reports with a high-heeled position with the leading fashion magazine, Handbag.

I have read it till Chapter 2 and till now it is very Candice Bushnell-ish.

However, the back of the book does spill a teeny detail on the twist on how the fashionista turns to a investigator alligator. Once again!

A good read comes with a good sip!

Mine came with some cheap wine that had been sitting in my refrigerator for couple of months. I could not waste time to wash a wine glass and pour out the remaining merlot.

I took the closest glass to my vicinity that had fishy scales-like pattern on the surface. What the heck, the wine was more important. Oh boy! was it good? Letting your wine sit in the refrigerator after you have opened the bottle for months is never a good idea. Lesson learned!

I could not afford to waste the afternoon in the growing happiness that was spiraling up. Hot shower, chicken stew for lunch. Yes, made more sense.

The evening threw me in the whole feel of getting ready for yet another week ticking in with assignments, webinars and adulting. While I am on Chapter 4, I took a break and journal-ed one slow Sunday that was much needed.


Daily Planners uughh!

As you can see this is my Instagram profile and my bio reflects my other loves except my family and a few more people. I’m too old to be a wannabe so it is what it is!

I love stationery. It has been years of graduating school, finishing university, but I still need my supplies! Over the years, the mobile planners, event reminders took a major turn and I saw how the younger generation was growing up without journals and highlighters. No “Dear Diary” or glitter pens for greeting cards. It was a hard pill to swallow when I saw my niece/nephew parade had no idea of greeting cards! It was a history that I was a part of; I felt ancient and sad. In the last 2-3 years history however started to repeat itself. And now when you see, each year December would flood your social media handles with sponsored ads of daily planners. This is something that really caught my attention. Not for the good reasons. Let me tell you why.

A planner cannot get so satisfying than this. With the right motivating words, variety of writing styles to indicate headings, sub headings, texts, sub texts, blahbity blahbity blah. And to add on there are little saffron clouds, plants with flowers, among other cute little drawings. Very well planned!

Excuse me, who does that?

Who has got the time? By the time I could plan with such aesthetics, I would actually forget the purpose. Do I write to plan or plan to write?

I might sound like the tia transforming to a Karen but Gen Z gotta use Instagram as an app and not the life-modifier!

The heavy marketing and advertising of these carefully and aesthetically presented daily planners come with hoards of accessories. Pens, stickers, Polaroids of random nature shots, bookmarks, etc. All one needs is a pen and a diary that is non-dated, people!

This is not all, now that they have the excuse of showing that you are getting all the necessities in one package, the price is marked keeping in mind all that love and care designed “specially” for you.

This is definitely a flirt confessing to have feelings to the target #43405285147190!

Not kidding but I almost fell for it and thought of buying one. With the price so high it really intrigued me to know why is that; and there it was- Instagram Life Inspo

I went ahead to ask a few teenager students of mine whether they like planners or not.

“For the sake of Instagram.”

“I barely make it to my zoom classes everyday. I bought the planner because they looked cute on the ads.”

“I love writing but I love typing more; wasted my money that I was saving up for my guitar strings.”


I read 2 books at a time; literally!

Disclaimer: If you are not a fan of the supernatural or you are a lover of theoretical idea of logic, you may wanna take a pass and that is OK.

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti is quite a famous name in the Wicca world and she has done some path breaking revelations and experimentation to prove the existence of the other dimension. Now, I am not saying it is completely believable by everyone but none can deny too! Together with her daughter Deepta Roy Chakraverti she leads a brigade of enthusiasts in the field. While the brigade is a not-so-secret anymore, the practices and the rituals followed are never out and this only keeps the curiosity alive for anyone who gets to know about the “society”.

It was just last year December that I got my hands on their books and I had to read them instantly!

Now the books are collections of stories of their encounters and let me tell you the language is quite convincing and picturesque. The stories are carefully written with conviction and insights that might not be for the conditioned and prejudiced minds. It comes off as very harsh but you gotta read to get the points clear. The stories are also their travel journals. I believe this really amps up the selling point. For every place, their personal experience is beautifully journal-ed and it gives a lot of peeps into special nooks and lore.

Sacred Evil by Ipsita Roy Chakraverti (left) while Bhangarh to Bedlam by Deepta Roy Chakraverti (right)

It takes a lot of courage to believe that you are different. What is even challenging is to work towards using those unique qualities. This mother-daughter duo definitely knows how to do that and use their best of their knowledge to play the perfect mediator between the known and the unknown.

If you are a believer in the possibility of the other world, spirits, crafts that make or break lives or just simply a reader of all of these, you would dig these 2 books. They will definitely consume you!

Elements pt. 2

Hey hey hey!

It has been a crazy week…..Phew! While the inauguration day gave hopes to raise the world standards from grass root perspectives, I sped up my abilities to update spread sheets and student transcripts. After a long week, finally it is the ideal Saturday night to take up the blog right from where I left. In my previous blog I mentioned how there are few things that we should always be grateful for; apart from the fact that we survived the 2020 dystopia.

Give the blog a quick read here: https://cupcakesandmiracles.com/2021/01/17/elements-pt-1/

Welcome to part 2

Now before I dive into thanking Jupiter and Saturn, a little trivia for my ladies out here. Another reason to worship the moon- it regulates our monthly cycle. Yes, the moon does it! Some say it is a myth, while ancient findings do have evidence of its truth.

The Jupiter

Big, mighty and noisy. The planet has been always associated with good luck and growth. Now not supporting astrology, astronomy, etc. but it does have a big, mighty and noisy influence over our lives. Aligning yourself with that influence is pretty easy. Not. I mean speaking from my personal experience staying focused into thinking positive and constructive is one hella tricky thing.

Jupiter-ish influence over us is the highest during Thursdays. One way to bring about a positive change in oneself is to give a break to our digestive system. In India we also associate good luck and growth with Godddess Laxmi and we worship her with much discipline. Vegetarian or vegan food is a mandate on those days to give a break to the system. Well without going deep into the dogmas, the point is fasting and not breakfast-ing on Thursdays definitely helps you get synced.

The other ways when you can have a bigger influence of Jupiter in your life:

Wear different shades of yellow.

Add care for nature to your to-do list. Start by watering a house plant. It is a great start!

Well, just be a believer of the idea that you would always receive more when you give away.

The Saturn

It is perhaps the only planet with two extreme moods. Saturn is malefic and mellow. Can you believe it? Neither did I, ten years ago. Saturn is an old planet and it has been the part of time more than the time, time was discovered!

Be grateful to Saturn because it influences your long life. It also brings in the right hurdles in your life to either make you stronger or to teach you lesson. At times we keep on trying to excel at something that we really love but the efforts never meet a positive result. Thank Saturn because this babe in the Universe is giving you major signs that it might not be the best decision or may be you are more interested in comparing your miserable state with success stories rather than actually putting the needed effort. Saturn helps us to introspect; an ability very few possess. Talk to yourself, measure your thoughts. That is Saturn for you.

I hope you all find the blog really useful and you make good choices for yourself. There are some things that cannot be proven with abstract and absolute facts but they definitely exist. Just like the power of gratitude.

Elements pt.1

This one’s a special one. Practicing gratitude is a hard task. Those who do, they know. Once you do, it becomes a part of your life. It is more than just saying “thank you” or “I appreciate it” and so on. It has been 2 years that I have taken up following the rituals that was passed on to me. The previous generations did not have the option of creating digital connections and spreading knowledge. So I look at it as my duty to tell my readers about the profound gift of gratitude that we are endowed with, but, rarely found within ourselves. So we seek for linguistic expressions that sadly become more of a universal norm.

There are 6 things that keep the inertia lock on our lives. Interestingly enough, majority of us do not know the higher order influence that they have on us. They are the Sun, the Moon, Earth’s magnetic field, trees, Jupiter and Saturn!

When you Google the importance of Sun in our lives, it will say something like:

“It radiates light and heat, or solar energy, which makes it possible for life to exist on Earth. Plants need sunlight to grow. Animals, including humans, need plants for food and the oxygen they produce. Without heat from the sun, Earth would freeze.”

Well, for the times you take your impulsive nature to compare your life with others, know that no matter what, you both would need the Sun to even be alive!

Besides the gravitational pull and the rhythmic braking Moon provide us with, thank the rock for letting you have the abilities to be intuitive, feel joy, contentment and love. Thank the Moon, find your key to happiness!

Trees, perhaps the only natural element that we shamelessly exploit, even after knowing the consequences. If only we were grateful for all the amazing things trees do. Every single part of a tree is selfless and is worthy of something. From regulating air for us to bearing cures for life threatening ailments, the list can go on. Now I understand we all agree with Charles Darwin at the same time. But it seems to have been now misinterpreted and instead of survival and existence it is now man vs nature. Sadly, we fail to realize that we are a part of the nature!

I would like to end my blog here and create a part 2 for the rest of the elements.

I hope you find the part 1 useful.