Education and Jazz….thanks UNESCO!

So I just learnt that UNESCO (if you don’t know what’s that, please Google it ASAP) declared April 30 as the International Jazz Day. Jazz has been a part of my constant music preference from childhood. Growing up around archaic and vintage things around the house, my inclination into the the Jazz Age has beenContinue reading “Education and Jazz….thanks UNESCO!”

From the personal ESL file

It has been quite sometime that I have been walking on the ESL avenue. English, is not a language, its business, its lucrative connections over the world makes it as popular as money. If you Google, you will find random surveys where they say there are more speakers of English as a second language orContinue reading “From the personal ESL file”

“Coming out” as they say!

“It is always the fear that holds us back from a truly different life. I guess we judge too soon.” This is the story of a close one who came out recently. And it was a different kind of coming out than what we usually assume when we say that phrase. Meeting yourself is hard.Continue reading ““Coming out” as they say!”