Pop culture and English

Of all my experiences with languages and language learners, a few incidents really got me into thinking about the frenzy that the English language have created over time. Mr. John Schumann came up with his theory of acculturation in which he talked about how we acquire the language, humor, etc when we are exposed inContinue reading “Pop culture and English”

Emma by Jane Austen

Now this book do not really need an introduction, does it? But still, for few who do, this is a revolutionary piece written by Jane Austen. A little backstory here, I was never fond of classics. There was an instant irritation every time somebody told me how fondly he or she read them. This all happenedContinue reading “Emma by Jane Austen”

The Palace of Illusions

I am not really a fan of keeping up with the trend of reading only the famous works. Most of the readers would relate to that. This one when it was released there was a whole new wave of retelling myths through the voices of the unvoiced characters. Well sort of! A mythology enthusiast, IContinue reading “The Palace of Illusions”

Bedtime tales and more

Living a comfortably privileged life has never been a realization while I was growing up. It felt normal. Being bratty in school and disciplined at home was the only big challenge that kept me on my toes. Thanks to a dysfunctional state of my family, I learnt a thing quite early in my life- filterContinue reading “Bedtime tales and more”

Anne Frank, the shining star!

On the occasion of #WorldBookDay, I would like to share my thoughts on a very special book that has been a vital part of my growing up years. If there is any book which leaves you depressed and full of life at the same time, it has to be The Diary of a Young GirlContinue reading “Anne Frank, the shining star!”