Hobbies & happiness

It has been quite sometime that I wrote. Honestly, couldn’t be grateful enough for the loads of work that I am busy with; in such troubling times of the pandemic (can’t believe we are already on a countdown to 2022!) Since last year, it has been a constant reminder to myself to know and understandContinue reading “Hobbies & happiness”

Full moon in July

Being into healing practices and studying energy for a few years now. I guess every day you realize something new. I was always about worshipping and believing in the Sun. Moon; not too much! This full moon made it possible for me to accept the powers of Moon as well. I ignored the concrete jungleContinue reading “Full moon in July”

A much needed Slow Sunday

For a past few months it has been crazy busy work front. I don’t remember the last time I had a weekend all to myself. Just did my own things of happiness. Read a book, drank some wine, wrote a few lines of love and life, ate a delicious meal cooked unhurriedly, introspected. But yeahContinue reading “A much needed Slow Sunday”

Keeping up with the Corona

Hey Cupcakes! We are five and a half months away from next year! Mentally I am still processing the month of March when the lock down gave us all a near doomsday experience. I have always wondered why majorly of all the movies would show future as a dystopian land. Who’d have known that theContinue reading “Keeping up with the Corona”