The warp on Mother’s Day

That day it rained a lot. I was on my way back from lunch with few of my friends. It was on the other side of the city. Now there’s usually less traffic during the later part of the afternoon. I would have returned home in less than twenty minutes. As I drove past theContinue reading “The warp on Mother’s Day”

Bedtime tales and more

Living a comfortably privileged life has never been a realization while I was growing up. It felt normal. Being bratty in school and disciplined at home was the only big challenge that kept me on my toes. Thanks to a dysfunctional state of my family, I learnt a thing quite early in my life- filterContinue reading “Bedtime tales and more”

She was all alone

It was the first time ever that Riya was home alone. Even being a University student, she has always been under the supervision of her parents. Her grandfather fell critically ill and her parents had to rush to another city where he resides. They went off for few days. However, it was just a matterContinue reading “She was all alone”