March 8- a teeny time travel

Enheduana The name has a rich history from the time any written record of the past was found by archaeologists and historians. Many believe that her poems and hymns are the earliest written records ever found in the history of civilizations. Enheduana was the priestess from Sumer, modern day Baghdad and a stretch over theContinue reading “March 8- a teeny time travel”

Pop culture and English

Of all my experiences with languages and language learners, a few incidents really got me into thinking about the frenzy that the English language have created over time. Mr. John Schumann came up with his theory of acculturation in which he talked about how we acquire the language, humor, etc when we are exposed inContinue reading “Pop culture and English”

A resolution for real this time

It took me long but it’s finally happening! Off late I have been feeling quite suffocated at home. Surprising, right? A family of four is living with household items for may be, 20 such families! Now, I am going to keep it short and make it more of a journal in actual form. It hasContinue reading “A resolution for real this time”

21st century and 2020

Hey community! I hope we all are keeping super safe and being responsible. September was crazy busy- teacher training is not a cakewalk, y’all! So yeah, when finally I have one evening to myself after so long, I had to share this awesome thought or rather a fresh perspective that I came across a fewContinue reading “21st century and 2020”

Please answer my questions in the end

2 books in 2 weeks- these books were onĀ  my agenda for a long time. Soon after I finished reading both there were a couple of similarities that I found annoying. Give it a read and if possible, clarify! Read on to know my questions……… Keep the change So it was a gift and beforeContinue reading “Please answer my questions in the end”